Another week, a different story?

The month of April is perceived by many in the northern hemisphere as a time of renewal. With that theme in mind, we would like to share three considerations that might help to renew your spirits and support your future focus, despite the crises that continue to swirl around us.

Three considerations:

  1. Last week, April 6th through April 9th (the 10th was a capital markets holiday), was the best performing week of the S&P 500 index¹ since 1974. While pointing this out, we would also like to mention that extreme volatility may be the new normal in the months ahead. This means that new market lows are possible, just as a “best performing week” can occur.
  2. Investors are forgiven in 2020 from taking the normal required minimum distribution from IRAs, Inherited IRAs and other retirement accounts. This ruling allows investors to keep their accounts whole while the financial crisis is addressed.
  3. You can respond with a gift to the charities of your choice who reach out to you in 2020, particularly in this time of crisis, and file next year for an enhanced tax-deduction benefit. Specifically: The 60% AGI cap is removed so that your gift is fully deductible and if you do not itemize when you file your taxes, you may receive a $300 credit for gifting.

Fortunately, renewal is happening around us despite the continued crises we must navigate. You may be asking yourself, however: What about my portfolio? Two things come to mind:

  1. When you feel particularly frustrated by the extreme capital market volatility, this quote from investment guru Warren Buffet may help you to sustain your perspective: “The stock market is designed to transfer money from the impatient to the patient.”
  2. Better yet, look at the blue bars illustrating the strong cumulative recovery that has historically followed market downturns. (And renew your commitment to patience!)

It is the profound desire of our Entrust team that when we update our site next week, the spread of COVID-19 will have begun to taper off. Please continue to take steps to ensure your personal health and safety. We invite you to share this webpage with your network and watch for weekly updates, as we face these medical and financial crises together. We welcome your questions and concerns and can be reached at 610-687-3515 or

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