Impact Investing

Money talks: What is yours saying?

We all know that “Money Talks”. Today, in addition to embracing the traditional financial goals of growing and preserving their wealth, many investors have a singular interest in answering the question: “What is yours saying?”

Impact investors believe that business plays a key role in addressing some of
humanity’s most pressing challenges. They seek to use their portfolio of assets as a
tool for investing in those companies with corporate values they may embrace. It is not uncommon for clients to regard their impact portfolios as extensions of the values-based choices they make every day when choosing where to spend and give.

Impact Investment Management Solutions

To that end, Entrust Financial’s Impact investment management solutions are designed
to help fulfill the traditional goals of growth and preservation of wealth, while supporting what matters most to clients. Asset allocation portfolios are generally formulated to reduce investor risk without hurting investor results. For impact investors, the portfolio design process continues a step further as we aim to select mutual funds and companies that meet a higher-than-average standard of environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

Characteristics of companies meeting this standard may include:

  • Forward thinking leaders in their industries.
  • Promotion of positive standards of corporate responsibility.
  • Advocacy for core values, such as environmental sustainability.
  • Support of specific values, such as advancing women in leadership roles.
  • Focus on the long-term.
  • Intentionally allow investors to direct what their money is saying.

Today, many corporations value an internal adherence to impact and/or ESG considerations and many clients prefer investing in corporations with these values.

As a Certified B Corp, Entrust Financial believes in “doing well by doing good.”

Jennifer, an Entrust Principal, is honored to serve individuals and businesses looking to strike a similar balance, and to support their values through their investments. If you share this interest, contact Jennifer with your questions about Impact investing.