Your Money and the Election: Tips to Sustain You

Investors have faced a lot of uncertainty so far this year, particularly due to the pandemic, and it is not over yet. One reason is that Presidential election years, by definition, cause some concern about what might come next. We would like to reassure you by mentioning that research¹, from 1933 to the present, indicates [...]

Your Money and the Election: Tips to Sustain You2023-02-27T16:32:53+00:00

Capital Market Perspective You Need Now

The surge in cases of the COVID-19 resulted in a sweeping reaction last week in the capital markets. Three market indicies that are familiar to many individual investors—The Dow Jones Industrial Average (The Dow), S&P 500, and Nasdaq—fell 10 % or more, the largest weekly loss since the 2008 financial crisis. Fears of a [...]

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Taxes on Your Mind?

Good News, Bad News for Your Retirement Accounts: The SECURE Act If you own a retirement account, you could experience good or bad news in the year ahead due to the recent passage of the “SECURE Act.” Good News If you have not yet been required to begin distributions from your retirement account(s) (the [...]

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Three Tips Regarding the Financial Wild Card of Health Insurance

Perhaps the biggest financial wild card for those approaching retirement is the funding of health insurance and unexpected health care costs. Because most of us would like to retire someday, and do so with peace of mind regarding our healthcare needs, the following three tips may help you stay on track: Remember that health [...]

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Protect Your Assets From Cyber-Fraud

Protecting our assets is a priority for most of us, with respect to our personal as well as our business finances. One growing threat to the security of our assets is cyber-fraud. As investment advisors, Entrust Financial recognizes that cyber-fraud is often a people problem rather than an IT problem. Therefore, we encourage clients [...]

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Your Attorney to the Rescue

We presented in a recent blog about protecting your business using proper business insurance planning. The attorney on your professional team often comes to the rescue, too, and saves your business from the consequences of harmful mistakes. If you assume that you are a sensible person who does not need an attorney on your [...]

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Three Easy Tactics to Protect Your Personal Information from Cyber-Fraud

Cyber-fraud is on everyone’s minds these days. For instance, we probably all know of someone who was scammed through their email. A common and all-too-effective ploy is for a hacker to send an urgent and alarming email of distress–from a loved one–requesting that money be sent immediately. A good friend of mine responded to one [...]

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