Triple Play: Hope, Business (kind of as usual), Recovery

In tandem with the consequences of the medical crisis, long-term investors may be focused on the financial crisis, thinking: “What about my investments? When will they recover?” Recent swift and deep downturns in the capital markets illustrate the relentless uncertainty that persists while investors await a signal that post-pandemic normalcy is returning, with more consistent positive performance results not far behind.

You may be reassured by the following slide as you patiently experience life on pause. Shared by our trusted partners at American Funds, it demonstrates the powerful nature of historical recoveries in the capital markets for the past seventy years. For instance, you may note that the blue-colored peaks—illustrating recovery, dominate the slide. On the other hand, the purple markings showing downturns become blips on the radar as time passes.

Perhaps the most important term in our Triple Play title is Hope. In support of this we would like to extend our gratitude to family, friends and clients who are participating in online classes or contributing to non-profits to help those in our communities most hurt by current circumstances. As a tribute to you and to classic Philadelphia resilience and resourcefulness, please enjoy: The Happiness video, produced by Philadelphia’s very own woman-founded and led BalletX.

We welcome your stories and comments and are available by phone 610.687.3515 or email. Please continue to take steps to ensure your personal wellness and safety.

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