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Middle Class Millionaires:
Personal and Business Finance

Entrust Financial investment advisors serve a unique role on the professional team of experts our clients assemble, as they aim to achieve all that is important to them. Beyond our efforts to help clients experience superb portfolio results over the long-term, we also serve in the role of personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

Why have a personal CFO? Because today, the complexity of decision-making coupled with the velocity of change almost demands that each of us call upon a team of experts. And this professional team needs to be coordinated for the best results. Serving as your personal CFO—just like the CFO in your business—we are charged with quarterbacking your professional team and keeping them on track as you aim to maintain and enhance your financial well-being. Take a look.

What does your team look like? Regardless of your stage in life, you probably need:

  1. An Investment Advisor
  2. An Insurance agent
  3. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and
  4. An attorney

Contact us today to start a conversation about the team of experts you need, as you aim to achieve all that is important to you!

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