Value versus Growth: What is an Investor to Do?

At Entrust Financial, creating diversified portfolios for our clients is part of our DNA. A vital facet of this work is the disciplined asset allocation of our portfolio models. Why disciplined? Because asset allocation has been proven time and again to be the most important factor in consistent long-term investment results. So not surprisingly, each asset in our Entrust portfolios is selected following a rigorous process of due diligence.

That said, educating our investors on the characteristics of the holdings in their asset allocation models can be complicated and confusing—especially with respect to the complementary nature of so-called “value stocks” and “growth stocks.” For instance, we can almost hear our investors thinking, “Aren’t all my stocks supposed to grow?” The answer to that, of course, is “yes.” But there are industry distinctions that can be useful to understand; the terms value and growth are worth reviewing.

Jennifer clarifies this distinction for us as she answers the question: What is the difference between growth and value?

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