Protect Your Assets From Cyber-Fraud

Protecting our assets is a priority for most of us, with respect to our personal as well as our business finances. One growing threat to the security of our assets is cyber-fraud. As investment advisors, Entrust Financial recognizes that cyber-fraud is often a people problem rather than an IT problem. Therefore, we encourage clients to be mindful of the following three tips as we aim to protect them from harm.

Three easy tips to enhance protection:

  1. Do not open email attachments without first verifying the sender. If you feel any doubt, contact the sender prior to opening the document.
  2. Do not click on a link provided in an email without first verifying the sender. Again, if you feel any doubt, contact the sender prior to clicking on the link.
  3. Store your usernames and passwords in a secure, encrypted password manager, such as KeePass. And remember, do not email documents with your Social Security number or with account numbers printed on them. Instead, forward such information using a secure portal or after encrypting the documents first.

As you already know, in today’s climate of increasing sophistication regarding the ability of fraudsters to deceive us, we need to embrace a new level of vigilance in the interest of our own protection.

Take a look and then contact us at Entrust with your questions about cyber-security.

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