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Entrust is passionately committed to helping others.  Therefore, we welcome opportunities to spread the word about wealth management strategies that work, as presented in founding principal, Joslyn G. Ewart’s, book: Balancing Act:  Wealth Management Straight Talk for Women.  100% of the proceeds from the book fund a Temple University scholarship for students with financial need.

We will respond only to media inquiries.  If you are interested in our consultative services please click here to contact us or call our office at 610-687-3515.

Conducted by: Cassandra M’s Place

Balancing Act: Wealth Management Straight Talk for Women was written by a woman (Certified Financial Planner(TM) professional) for women (and men!) who want the perspective and strategies they need to confidently make the right financial choices in all aspects of their lives.
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Conducted by: Motherhood Moment

When it comes to most things, education is paramount; but if you don’t have the confidence to implement what you were taught, the knowledge is worthless. Read more

Conducted by: Main Line Today

For nearly 20 years, Main Line resident Joslyn G. Ewart has been working with individuals and couples to guide their finances. Seeing a void in the female perspective in wealth management, Ewart set out to fill the gap. A certified financial planner and a certified divorce financial analyst, she founded her own company, Entrust Financial, based in Wayne, in 2000. Read more

Conducted by: New York Times

Mark and Penelope Greene took what was once considered a fairly traditional path in marriage. They both worked outside the home until they had children. Then Mrs. Greene stayed home, running a small consulting business between parenting obligations, and Mr. Greene continued working as an economist. Read more

Conducted by: WGN Radio

On the October 12, episode of The Opening Bell the focus was retirement and personal finance, but in particular, women. Read more

Conducted by: Money Q and A

Financial transparency in marriage is either fairly straightforward because the couple is comfortable with one another’s financial attitudes and values, or it can become a couple’s worst nightmare because they do not understand their spouse, at all. Read more

Conducted by: The Huffington Post

Are you a Generation X woman? Generation X women are known for being highly ambitious, educated, dedicated, and are powerful players. Generation X women have redefined what success is and they work hard for their assets. As women of wealth, what do they need to know about taking care of their money? Read more

Conducted by: Housecall

In the past, real estate investment has been a male dominated arena. However, as more and more women gain financial independence, they are moving into the real estate market at rapid speed. Below are a few reasons why women make good real estate investors. Read more

Conducted by: MomsLifeboat

Understanding finance isn’t easy. Lately, I’ve been teaching my oldest child about financial education and money management. All this knowledge can be overwhelming. Therefore I’ve put together a list of personal finance books that she should definitely check out. Read more

Conducted by: ValueWalk

Most financial advisors pride themselves on knowing what really matters to their high-net-worth investors. But do they actually know? Consider this: it is human nature to assume others want what you want. Following that out to its logical conclusion, since most financial advisors want the portfolios they manage to perform well, they assume their affluent clients have the same primary objective. Read more

Conducted by: Wealth Management

How well do you think you know your wealthy clients? It turns out maybe not as well as you think, according to Joslyn Ewart, writing on ValueWalk. Ewart writes that financial advisors should schedule time to have heart-to-heart conversations with their high net worth clients. Read more

Conducted by: Stockerblog

Most financial advisors pride themselves on knowing what really matters to their high-net-worth investors. But do they actually know? Consider this: it is human nature to assume others want what you want. Read more

Conducted by: The Huffington Post

Holiday time is festive and joyful. Gift buying, parties, giving and feeling thankful – along with all the trimmings – give us a wonderful feeling that fills our hearts with gratitude and love. This feel-good experience is particularly welcome for those of us living in the north, because our shorter days mean fewer and fewer hours of daylight. Read more

Conducted by: Parade

“Money personality” is the term often used to designate your subliminal instincts or unconscious perspectives about money. Each of us has one. And our money personality often triggers our most natural responses to any financial choice facing us. Read more

Conducted by: Philadelphia CBS

Joslyn Ewart was in her 50s when her husband’s cancer recurred, and he died a short time later. She wanted to honor him. “I realized that he had been my best teacher, so I established the My Best Teacher Scholarship Fund in his honor,” Ewart said. Read more

Conducted by: Chicago Tribune

Splitting up is hard enough without squabbling over real estate. But that’s exactly what happens when many couples divorce, if they own property. Some might disagree on who keeps a home or how to sell it. And the stress can add to already-heightened emotions. Read more