Money Quiz

Welcome to your Money Quiz

1. You just arrived in Las Vegas and you win $1,000 on your first bet. What do you do?

2. You are shopping at your favorite store when you spot the perfect bathing suit. It fits perfectly! The only problem is that it is very expensive and way out of your budget. What do you do?

3. Good news! You have just inherited $50,000 from an Uncle that you have never met. You:

4. When it comes to saving money, you:

5. Honestly, how do you drive your car?

6. If you could choose any of the following occupations, regardless of income, it would be a:

7. Regarding money, your best wish for your children is that:

8. Money-wise, what do you look for in a mate?

9. When you think about your retirement, you:

10. Your worst money problem is your:

11. Your worst fear about money is:

12. If someone asked, “How much is your bank account right now?” you would say:

13. When you receive a savings and/or retirement account statement, you:

14. A quality that you admire in yourself is:

15. The reason you do not have as much money as you would like is:

16. Guests are arriving for Thanksgiving dinner in one hour. In the kitchen, you are:

17. When entertaining, you like:

18. Your attitude toward life is best summarized with the phrase:

19. When tipping in a restaurant, you:

20. What you don’t know about money: