You are an entrepreneur. Your business is your baby and you prefer it to be in good health and growing. One vital component of a healthy business is having the right employees on the bus–your bus–and knowing they are happy.

There is a specific tool for entrepreneurs that builds not only employee happiness and loyalty, but helps you and your family personally as well. This tool is a company 401(k) plan. And there is more.

We all know that money talks. Offering impact investments in your 401(k) menu of investments permits you to direct what your money is saying. Why impact? Impact investments may proactively advocate for core business values in the companies in which they invest. They may also avoid the purchase of companies who persist in putting company profits before concerns for our planet, social and governance issues.

Investable Assets—$1M and Up
Annual Fee for Investment Management

Fee Includes:

  • Provide support so you can feel confident that you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Determine what type of plan structure meets your needs and those of your employees.
  • Evaluate several 401(k) providers to identify the best price for the plan you need.
  • Create an investment platform that is geared toward meeting your needs and those of your employees.
  • Provide semi-annual enrollment meetings for your new employees.
  • Provide annual educational meetings to you and your employees on plan features or revisions.
  • Schedule a semi-annual review and update meeting regarding your firm’s 401(k) plan, including an annual evaluation of your 401(k) menu of investment choices.

Money Talks: What is Yours Saying?

Impact Investments:

  • Aim to mitigate risk, thus offering a competitive advantage to investors.
  • Are forward thinking and leaders in their industries.
  • Promote positive standards of corporate responsibility.
  • Advocate for core values, such as environmental sustainability.
  • Support specific values, such as advancing women in leadership roles.
  • Focus on the long-term.
  • Permit you to direct what your money is saying.

The following are benefits you may experience with just the right 401(k) plan in place at your firm:

  • The plan serves as a recruiting magnet.
  • The plan reduces employee turnover.
  • The plan helps you save on small-business taxes.
  • The plan permits you to align your business values with your investment choices: Invest with Impact.
  • The plan supports your own retirement planning.

Recognizing how beneficial a 401(k) plan can be for you and your company is the first step. In fact, as you reviewed the list above, perhaps other benefits came to mind, based on the unique nature of your business endeavor.

The good news is that you and your employees can experience these benefits without adding to your work load. This is because you can delegate responsibility for formulating, implementing and monitoring the 401(k) plan that is right for your business.

You get the ball rolling and then sit back and enjoy the results as you and your employees prepare for a secure retirement.

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