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Taxes on Your Mind?

Good News, Bad News for Your Retirement Accounts: The SECURE Act If you own a retirement account, you could experience good or bad news in the year ahead due to the recent passage of the “SECURE Act.” Good News If you have not yet been required to begin distributions from your retirement account(s) (the [...]

Taxes on Your Mind?2020-02-05T19:58:52+00:00

Bizzy (Money) Mama?

At Entrust Financial, we are often asked what our services are. We understand this question because financial lives today can have many moving parts, parts that often overlap and are complicated and confusing. Clients and friends who know us at Entrust are aware that we love every little detail of financial complexity and are [...]

Bizzy (Money) Mama?2019-11-22T15:36:05+00:00

Secure Your Retirement with a Simple Rule-of-Thumb

It is easy to be daunted by the need to save for retirement. For starters, your retirement savings plan requires setting goals, determining timelines for achieving them and the acceptance of investment risk, so that your invested retirement accounts may appreciate. However, aiming to secure your retirement does not stop there. The next step [...]

Secure Your Retirement with a Simple Rule-of-Thumb2019-10-16T19:44:32+00:00

Does it Matter if I Own My Home When I Retire?

Owning your own home was a fundamental American value for many of us when we grew up. It was considered a symbol of success, of having “made it.” Those who did not felt they had missed out on something, that not owning helped prove their marginal financial success. For instance, Joslyn remembers her father [...]

Does it Matter if I Own My Home When I Retire?2019-09-25T21:30:23+00:00

Three Tips Regarding the Financial Wild Card of Health Insurance

Perhaps the biggest financial wild card for those approaching retirement is the funding of health insurance and unexpected health care costs. Because most of us would like to retire someday, and do so with peace of mind regarding our healthcare needs, the following three tips may help you stay on track: Remember that health [...]

Three Tips Regarding the Financial Wild Card of Health Insurance2019-09-25T21:15:27+00:00

What Matters in Retirement? Income!

Entrust hosts periodic educational sessions to help women ensure that they are on track financially. One vital educational topic is: What Matters Most in Retirement? Income. In fact, just the other day we enjoyed a robust discussion at our session that was devoted to retirement planning. The women in the group who admitted they [...]

What Matters in Retirement? Income!2019-09-25T21:01:10+00:00

3 Reasons to Maximize Your 401(k) Contributions

We love the industry chart that shows how much one dollar can appreciate if invested in the capital markets over a long period of time. In fact, for successful investors, the likely investing time-horizon is a lifetime—even though income will be distributed from their portfolios during retirement. Not surprisingly, a careful review of the [...]

3 Reasons to Maximize Your 401(k) Contributions2019-09-19T19:28:58+00:00

The Impact of Property Ownership Registrations

We all know that it is important to draft and execute basic legal documents, since doing so makes it possible for us to protect and benefit those we love. In fact, if we procrastinate our responsibility to complete this task, the state in which we live already has a plan for how to distribute [...]

The Impact of Property Ownership Registrations2019-09-10T20:44:37+00:00

Tips for Maintaining Your Standard of Living, after Retirement

As Americans celebrated Labor Day weekend, many employees and workers probably gave thought to what they could do to “make work optional,” or retire, as soon as possible. If already retired, attention might have been given to improving their retirement income picture. After all, having enough income to maintain one’s standard of living throughout [...]

Tips for Maintaining Your Standard of Living, after Retirement2019-09-03T17:18:39+00:00

What Could Declining Interest Rates Mean for You?

When you hear talking heads on financial shows mention the Federal Reserve, the drama attached to the reports may cause you to tune out. After all, you do not personally impact the decisions of the Federal Reserve and despite what is decided during prominent Federal Reserve meetings, it can be difficult to discern what [...]

What Could Declining Interest Rates Mean for You?2019-08-22T19:49:52+00:00