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3 Reasons to Maximize Your 401(k) Contributions

We love the industry chart that shows how much one dollar can appreciate if invested in the capital markets over a long period of time. In fact, for successful investors, the likely investing time-horizon is a lifetime—even though income will be distributed from their portfolios during retirement. Not surprisingly, a careful review of the [...]

3 Reasons to Maximize Your 401(k) Contributions2019-09-19T19:28:58+00:00

The Impact of Property Ownership Registrations

We all know that it is important to draft and execute basic legal documents, since doing so makes it possible for us to protect and benefit those we love. In fact, if we procrastinate our responsibility to complete this task, the state in which we live already has a plan for how to distribute [...]

The Impact of Property Ownership Registrations2019-09-10T20:44:37+00:00

Tips for Maintaining Your Standard of Living, after Retirement

As Americans celebrated Labor Day weekend, many employees and workers probably gave thought to what they could do to “make work optional,” or retire, as soon as possible. If already retired, attention might have been given to improving their retirement income picture. After all, having enough income to maintain one’s standard of living throughout [...]

Tips for Maintaining Your Standard of Living, after Retirement2019-09-03T17:18:39+00:00

What Could Declining Interest Rates Mean for You?

When you hear talking heads on financial shows mention the Federal Reserve, the drama attached to the reports may cause you to tune out. After all, you do not personally impact the decisions of the Federal Reserve and despite what is decided during prominent Federal Reserve meetings, it can be difficult to discern what [...]

What Could Declining Interest Rates Mean for You?2019-08-22T19:49:52+00:00

Value versus Growth: What is an Investor to Do?

At Entrust Financial, creating diversified portfolios for our clients is part of our DNA. A vital facet of this work is the disciplined asset allocation of our portfolio models. Why disciplined? Because asset allocation has been proven time and again to be the most important factor in consistent long-term investment results. So not surprisingly, [...]

Value versus Growth: What is an Investor to Do?2019-08-15T16:47:40+00:00

Put the Power of the Markets To Work For You

There is nothing like uncertainty to prompt investors to question just how well they understand the power of the capital markets. And uncertainty we have—politically, globally, and with respect to one common target of complaint—the weather. Well, we will never be able to control the weather, but we can respond to it effectively. And [...]

Put the Power of the Markets To Work For You2019-08-09T11:27:39+00:00

Beneficiary Designations are Powerful

Many investors own an IRA or other type of retirement account. Some own an annuity or life insurance policy. All such accounts or products designate a beneficiary—to whom the assets will transfer, or whom the assets will benefit—when the owner someday passes away. You are probably familiar with the idea of a beneficiary designation [...]

Beneficiary Designations are Powerful2019-08-01T12:47:09+00:00

Understand the Consequences of Account Registration

You may be familiar with the idiom “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” When it comes to your money, not only can it be dangerous—it can be downright expensive. For example, one often reads that titling one’s assets as “joint” avoids probate following a death.  Doing so is touted as smart because it [...]

Understand the Consequences of Account Registration2019-08-01T12:37:36+00:00

Successful Business Owners (and Individuals) Plan First

More new college graduates than ever plan to, or have begun, an entrepreneurial endeavor. Moms who want to work but also want to have control over their schedules start consulting firms. Mention “angel investors” now and the term is commonly understood. A decade ago, the angel investor descriptor would likely have been mis-understood. However, [...]

Successful Business Owners (and Individuals) Plan First2019-07-18T18:52:56+00:00

Protect Your Assets From Cyber-Fraud

Protecting our assets is a priority for most of us, with respect to our personal as well as our business finances. One growing threat to the security of our assets is cyber-fraud. As investment advisors, Entrust Financial recognizes that cyber-fraud is often a people problem rather than an IT problem. Therefore, we encourage clients [...]

Protect Your Assets From Cyber-Fraud2019-07-09T17:47:06+00:00