Financial concerns that go beyond investing

Many affluent investors have complex financial needs.

Solutions for these needs must be balanced within the context of their whole style of living, as well as in consideration of individual values and interests. This is indeed complex. Our holistic process is specifically designed to address such complexity, while assuring investors are comfortable every step of the way.

Step one is to formulate and implement your astute investment plan; your Investment Plan serves as the foundation of your financial house. Step two is to formulate your Advanced Plan. It is designed to begin resolving your financial concerns that go beyond investing; some may require immediate resolution and others may require planning for longer-term strategic solutions.

Such concerns typically span four broad areas:

  • Wealth enhancement
  • Wealth transfer
  • Wealth protection
  • Charitable giving

Recommendations to address these concerns are formulated in your customized Advanced Plan, a key element of the Entrust holistic wealth management process.

Although the term "wealth management" may have been popularized over the years due to the status it conveys, fewer than seven percent of financial advisors utilize a holistic wealth management process. In fact, the financial services landscape has remained virtually unchanged with the vast majority of advisors trying hard to sell investment products–rather than adopting a system to adress affluent investors' complex financial needs.

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