Our Team


Joslyn G. Ewart, CFP®  
Founding Principal

Joslyn G. Ewart's deepest passion is to help others make the right choices

at pivotal times in their lives, thereby easing financial concerns. This passion led Ewart to found Entrust Financial, LLC® in 2000. It also led to the writing of her book, Balancing Act: Wealth Management Straight Talk for Women, filled with real-life stories of women’s financial challenges and the solutions that worked.

Ewart's vision is to partner with clients providing holistic financial advice–beginning with the articulation of their values, needs and interests–thereby helping them move comfortably past fear so they can embrace financial security and independence with confidence.

Ewart earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Case Western Reserve University, her Master's Degree from Temple University and Principal's Certifications from University of Pennsylvania. She has attained the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional certifications.


Mckenzie Frankel, CFP®  

Mckenzie Frankel is truly committed to the financial success of each client.

Frankel orchestrates the facets of clients’ financial lives with detailed attention. She enjoys serving as clients' personal CFO so that they may make good financial decisions in every aspect of their lives.

Frankel promotes financial success for clients beginning with an astute investment plan as the foundation of each client's financial house followed by formulation of personalized long-term strategies to address financial concerns that go beyond investing.

Frankel earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her Master of Arts Degree from Chestnut Hill College. She has attained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional certification.


Jennifer Bravo, CFP®
Investment Advisor Associate

Jennifer Bravo passion is to help clients establish smart financial habits that will ensure success for them over the long run.

She especially loves helping women entrepreneurs grow the businesses they love. A first step in that endeavor is to serve as their financial partner, so they can develop strength in their businesses while also building the personal financial future they want and need.
Bravo was fortunate. Her parents taught her early on the importance of saving and investing, acting now to aim for a benefit later. Her early lessons continue to serve her well as an adult. She started her career about a decade ago in investment banking, where she had the opportunity to learn about project management, mergers and acquisitions, and the capital markets.
Ultimately, she was unfulfilled helping mega banks make money from other mega banks and needed to find a deeper purpose in her work. Her solid financial background allowed her the freedom to leave a lucrative career in favor of finding her own path. Not surprisingly, it has become her mission ever since to help other women build the solid foundation they need to take control over their own financial lives.
Bravo earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Management from Clemson University, and her Certified Financial Planner™ certification from New York University.


Kelly Cullen, CIMA®
Director of Client Service

Kelly A. Cullen is a problem-solver

who listens with genuine interest and careful attention to clients' goals. She knows the right questions to ask to get to the heart of a matter.

With understanding of each client firmly in mind, Gentles is prepared to assist with the implementation of their astute investment and advanced plans. The solutions formulated in each type of plan systematically address the needs of each client for: investment results, wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection, and charitable giving strategies.

Gentles earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and has attained the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) professional designation.


Emanuel P. Sachse 
Portfolio Administrator

Emanuel ("Manny") Sachse uses numbers to solve problems.

He intuitively understands that slight adjustments in numeric assumptions can result in achieving a goal for a client–or not. So puzzling out the right assumptions for effective planning, planning that allows clients to achieve all that is important to them, makes his work day a success.

As a strongly committed professional Sachse recognizes the importance of goals and has a few of his own. Professionally, he aspires to always do his best and go the extra mile, to help others, and to attain his Certified Financial Planner™ designation.

Sachse earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with a major in Finance, from Temple University's Fox School of Business.