Holistic Wealth Management

The discovery that led to our holistic wealth management process

The discovery that devastating financial mistakes can happen to anyone, regardless of the depth of their affluence, led our Entrust Financial team to formulate a holistic wealth management process. In fact, mistakes are likely to happen to anyone who has addressed investment planning in hopes of securing their financial independence but who stopped there. Our team's cumulative experience of more than ninety years of providing financial advice has reinforced the fact that investment planning is not the end-game; it is just the beginning of wealth management.

Therefore the holistic wealth management process we utilize is comprised of three key elements, beginning with the Investment Plan:

  1. Investment Plan
  2. Advanced Plan
  3. Relationship Management

The process begins with the creation of the Investment Plan, which sets the foundation of your financial house. It continues with planning for your financial concerns that go beyond investing. We have found that affluent investors are often concerned about:

  • Wealth enhancement
  • Wealth transfer
  • Wealth protection
  • Charitable giving

Recommendations to address these concerns are formulated in a different part of your wealth plan, your Advanced Plan.

Finally, our holistic process manages the relationships that are vital to your financial success. First and foremost, we have a strong commitment to solid and trusting relationships with you, our client. Second, we cultivate a network of professionals in related disciplines--accountants and attorneys, for example. And third, we work with clients' other professional advisors.

A simple formula illustrates the complete approach of the holistic wealth management process:

Wealth Management = Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management

Although the term wealth management may have been popularized over the years due to the status it conveys, fewer than seven percent of financial advisors utilize a holistic wealth management process. Rather, the financial services landscape has remained virtually unchanged with the vast majority of advisors trying hard to sell investment products, not to address affluent investors' complex financial needs.

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