Balancing Act:  Wealth Management Straight Talk for Women             - Joslyn. G. Ewart, CFP®

For most of us, making the right financial choices is a balancing act.

Not only are we faced with balancing our values, needs, and interests, but our choices are complicated by the need to balance all of this within the context of our whole style of living. This realization is what inspired Joslyn Ewart, Founding Principal of Entrust Financial LLC®, to write Balancing Act: Wealth Management Straight Talk for WomenThe book tells the story of many women as they aim to manage their wealth, protect their style of living, and leave fear behind.  The how-to’s presented may help you face the complicated task of making the right financial choices within the context of your whole style of living.

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Help yourself while helping others:  100% of the book proceeds will fund a full-tuition scholarship at Temple University for deserving undergraduate students with financial need.

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About the Author

Joslyn G. Ewart, CFP®  
Founding Principal of Entrust Financial LLC®

Joslyn’s deepest passion is to help others make the right choices at pivotal times in their lives, thereby easing financial concerns. This passion led her to found Entrust  in   2000 and inspired her to write Balancing Act: Wealth Management Straight Talk for Women.

Ewart's vision is to partner with clients providing holistic financial advice–beginning with the articulation of their values, needs and interests–thereby helping them move    comfortably past fear so they can embrace financial security and independence with confidence.


What the Readers are Saying:

"Not your typical book on investing in the markets! The author, Joslyn Ewart, painlessly takes you through a process of evaluating your present financial status and beliefs about money, building a structure to assure the retirement you want, planning for the unexpected, and growing your ability to contribute back to society via building leadership skills. The vignettes help make the concepts easy to understand, as you are pushed into a bit of introspection which will serve to make sure your results match your goals.The book will likely make you think differently about retirement and life goals, at the same time as you become familiar with the terms and techniques used to grow and direct your wealth."

"Balancing Act is a must read for professional and business women (and men) who believe they are too busy, or simply don’t like, managing and planning their financial futures. It was very validating for me to read the personal stories of other professional women who shared the same fears and anxieties as I did about managing money, and very helpful to read the straightforward advice provided by Ms. Ewart. I usually find it painful to read about money management, but this book is truly painless-straightforward, interesting and not at all technical. It definitely makes clear the value of retaining a professional financial planner to help you clarify your goals, and organize all aspects of your financial life in the most optimal manner. I wish I had a book like this thirty years ago, but I’m glad that it is available to everyone now."
- Anonymous

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